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Narrow expertise
Focusing on building applications for fintech and marketing automation allows us to be quite efficient in developing solutions for these fields and speak with you in the same language.
Solid experience
Successfully completed over 10 projects for mentioned areas.
Fair price
We offer much lower rates than market
Quite flexible
Don't scare being tied to specification: we're ready to change it during our work
Our portfolio
We worked on complex and highload applications. Just have a look!
Online service that automates work on advertisment site.

Our team built a SaaS product that allows:
  • post new ads;
  • post messages on existing ads;
  • answer on incoming messages using web app or Telegram-bot;
  • automatically create accounts.
Project in numbers:
  • 300+ active users;
  • 13 servers;
  • About 40M third-party API calls per day.

Macrospike Charts

Online service for collecting forex quotes via third-party APIs, visualising received data and calculating various technical indicators.

This project included complex mathematical calculations like Fibonacci retracements.
Dr. Money

Web application for managing director of traders team, that aggregates data of trades via broker's API and provide detailed analytics.

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